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Q:-Can I book a driving test before I pass my theory test?

A:-No .You must pass the theory test first

Q:-Can I book multiple driving tests in case I fail the first one?

A:-According to DVSA no, you are just allowed one test booking at a time.

Q:-Do I have to pass both parts of the Theory test at the same time?

A:-Yes you have to. If you fail one part of the test you must take both parts again

Q:-Does the DVSA have quotas for passes?

A:-DVSA says it doesn't have quotas. But it does have statistics

Q:-Why should I choose SDA driving school inOxford for my intensive and other driving courses?

A:-Our fully-qualified instructors teach to a high technical standard in areas suited to you. We teach in Test Centre areas and have a good knowledge of the test routes. There's no point in learning to drive in one location and taking your test somewhere else neither you nor your Instructor knows.

Q:-Are intensive driving courses as effective as driving schools say they are?

A:- Well I would say yes wouldn't I? Intensive driving courses are not the best choice for everyone, though. I suggest you think very carefully before committing yourself

Q:-If I fail my driving test can I take another one straight away?

A:-You can book another driving test immediately but there will normally be a few weeks’ gap before the next test date.

Q:-Are SDA driving instructors fully qualified?

A:-Yes all our driving instructor are fully DVSA qualified. We do not use trainee driving instructors